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The World Of Social Media

Social Media Facts in 2013:

  1. 1.19 billion active Facebook users
  2. 555 million Twitter users
  3. Facebook users share 2.5 billion piece of content each day
  4. 150 million people share photo using Instagram
  5. More than 9000 tweets are sent every second
  6. 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute
  7. More than 15 million brands, bussiness and organizations have Facebook pages

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Success Stories

  • Oreo 100th Birthday

    29 June, 2012

    87K News Feed on Facebook, reaching 8.5 million people. #OreoMoment trends on Twitter, reaching 15 million people worldwide
  • Honda Oman

    11 June, 2012

    Creating Quiz on Facebook, get 2000+ new Facebook Like and reaching 150,000+ people in one month
  • Coca-Cola Facebook Community

    16 April, 2012

    Coke's Facebook Comunity grew from 2.3 million fans to 18 million+ fans